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Discover the transformative actions you can take to reclaim your lust for life and find inner happiness.

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If you have gotten yourself as far as you can on your own and know you won’t get to the next level without asking for help, I honor you. I celebrate you. Let’s toast to you. Asking for help can be one of the hardest things we do. I know. It took me years to ask for help. You are reaching out and I am here for you.



I’m a breathwork experience creator, a life coach, and a former leader in biotechnology. I was the life and soul of the party…. until I wasn’t. 

In July of 2002, my world came crashing down. My best friend died. I experienced deep grief.  For years, most people didn’t see that I was suffering. I went to college and developed a thriving career in biotechnology. To others I looked “fine”. I wasn’t fine. 

A lot has happened since then. Click Read My Story to learn more.

Now, I’m dedicated to helping people grow and develop, process their past and step into their future. I’m dedicated to helping other people live an authentic life and understand their amazing value and potential. I’m dedicated to helping people that have so generously focused a large part of their life on others (children, family, career, elderly parents, etc), take the journey to explore and discover who they are now and step into their power.  

You are worthy of living a limitless, beautifully rich life!

OPI’s Mission

I am committed to helping others lead an authentic life and come back to themselves just like I did. My programs and work are designed to help people grow and step into the life they desire. Through the power of coaching and breathwork, I teach people how to release stuck energy and come back into their bodies. I hold space and guide people as they find their true authentic selves. It’s magical and transformative work. I feel so honored to be able to do this work.

OPI Coaching
OPI Coaching




Unlock the Power of Conscious Breathing and Connection

Grab my audio training, learn how breathwork can release unresolved trauma and lead you to expanded awareness, the first step in creating radical, internal change.

OPI Coaching
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Breathwork is a practice for  improving mental clarity, increasing performance, and releasing stagnant energy and toxic behavioral patterns that stem from depression, trauma, and anxiety. Your body holds on to the trauma and stress if it’s not released. Breathwork is an active practice that helps you release the energy that is stuck and gets you back into your body. It gives your emotions space to process. It gives you space to simply BE! It helps you feel alive. 

Celebrate & Rediscover Yourself

Celebrate & Rediscover Yourself is an experience for women looking for something new and enriching in their life. The program is designed to help you celebrate all you’ve been through. I believe it is critical to honor your journey. You have survived. This experience guides you to discovering who you are today, what you stand for, what you want out of your life today and tomorrow.  It is designed to improve your life through connection, purpose, gratitude, compassion and joy.

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Planet Amazing People

Planet Amazing People is my passion project podcast. You will be introduced to amazing people that make an impact on our lives, in our communities, and in our world. You will get to hear stories from business people, scientists, coaches, spiritual guides, non-profit leaders, adventure seekers, those on unique life journeys, and many more.

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