Celebrate & Rediscover Yourself

Do you feel like you’ve given so much to so many others for so long you no longer recognize yourself?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, this program is for you.

In Celebrate and Rediscover Yourself, you will join me and a group of amazing women on a journey to celebrate all that you’ve been through in life. You will explore your values and learn to use them as guideposts for decision-making. You will explore negative thinking patterns/looping that may be holding you back and together we will reframe and rewrite them. You will create a deep practice of gratitude and explore how this improves your life. And more! 

Together, we will build a community of supportive women that lift each other up, encourage, and champion each other. 

Throughout the program, we will be using breathwork to go deeper and manifest our learning outcomes. 

Ultimately, you will take the beginning steps to living a more authentic life filled with purpose, fulfillment, and joy

I am so excited for you to experience the magic and step into your best life – TODAY!

Know Your Values

Celebrate & Rediscover yourself is not just about trusting in your own value and worth. It is also about understanding the values that are important to you.

This program will help you know your values so that you can make decisions to lead an authentic life

You already have everything you need. You have all the answers within you. That’s what makes this a journey of rediscovery

You’re stronger than you think you are

You’re a survivor. You’ve made it this far and now is your moment to reflect and celebrate all you’ve been through.

One of the biggest components of this program is celebration. We honor all that each of us  has achieved and overcome.  When we celebrate ourselves, we change our physiology. When we celebrate, especially in a community, it helps us meet our human needs of inclusion, innovation, appreciation, and collaboration.

Well, guess what? Our brains can be deceptive

The “stories” we tell ourselves are fallible. They feel true but it doesn’t mean they are true. These “stories” often lead us to believe we are unworthy, incapable, unlovable, not creative and ultimately lead us to holding back from stepping into our power and our deepest desires. These stories are just not true. 

My program will help you identify the “stories” that are holding you back. I will then support and guide you to rewrite these “stories” and begin to understand just how capable, worthy, creative, and lovable you are. 

From there on out, it is up to you to seize opportunities and be open to new possibilities for joy, growth, and fulfillment. When you change how you see yourself, it changes how the world sees you and the possibilities start to unfold. It’s amazing!

Our Wild “Stories”

We all have “stories” we tell ourselves that keep us from leading the life we want to lead. In many cases, we don’t even realize we are telling stories until a trusted ally/coach highlights this for us.

Click the button to read one of my “stories” and I how I rewrote it and changed my belief about myself.

For years, I told myself that I was a “start-stop” girl. The way I saw it, I started things and never finished them, and this affected my self-esteem. This negatively affected how I saw myself and in turn, I didn’t live up to my highest standards.

At first, this looked true to me. I started a book and didn’t finish it. “I’m a start-stop girl”. I started a course and didn’t finish it. “I’m a start-stop girl”. Seemingly, there was evidence that the “start-stop” story I told myself was true. 

When I spent some time looking at this, and with the help of a coach, I realized this self-imposed label (and many others) was holding me back. I looked at the evidence, I got real with myself and I changed my language around this. I started to ask myself, what evidence shows that I finish things. I completed college. I have a successful career. I’ve finished 100s of books in the past. I looked for other evidence. Then I got curious about the “story”. I started to explore it, to wonder why I created that label for myself. I worked through it with a coach and in breathwork. 

I no longer see myself as a start-stop girl. I realize that when something matters enough, is enough of a priority, I finish what I start. I have learned that if I’m resisting something or start something and don’t finish it then I am not aligned or living authentically. It can be as simple as admitting that the book I’m struggling to read does not interest me and that’s the real reason I don’t want to finish it.

My brain had been telling me a false “story” out of habit. This “story” made me see myself a certain way and feel a certain way that made me not like myself. In the end, the “story” just wasn’t true.

OPI Coaching

Support & Uplift

You are about to embark on an exciting journey and you are entitled to a safe space to talk about your growth and your accomplishments. A space that honors you leveling up and wanting to be the best you possible. 

When you join this program, you become part of a community of women that support and uplift one another. This community is made up of women who are committed to learning, listening, and growing together. A community of people who care about themselves and you.

Your Journey Starts Here

By visiting my website today, your journey has already begun. You have already taken the first steps toward embracing your new, enriched life. 

To take the next step and enroll in my “Celebrate & Rediscover Yourself” program, contact me today.