Want to release unresolved trauma and lead you to expand awareness? 

PLANET AMAZING PEOPLE: Real People, Real Stories

You will be introduced to amazing people (hint: everyone is amazing and has an incredible  journey to share, if you listen long enough) that make an impact on our lives, in our communities, and in our world. You will hear stories from adventure seekers, business people, scientists, those on unique life journeys and many, many more.

OPI Coaching Podcast

Everybody has a Journey

Planet Amazing People is my podcast and passion project. The concept of my podcast is simple. I sit down with real people and we talk. There’s no corporate-speak, no pretense or anything flashy. It’s just real people talking about their journey, where they started in life, where they are now, and how their mindset helped them along the way. 

That’s all there is to it.

It’s beautiful to hear about people’s journeys. We have all been through so much and have so much to teach and share with others. This is simply my way of bringing people together to learn and grow from each other. 

Real Stories from Real People

You can listen to the Planet Amazing People podcast on AudioBoom. 

If you have a journey that you want to share with the world, apply now. I’m always interviewing people for guest spots.

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